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Japan Mobility Show 2023: Main Events and Programs
A record-breaking 475 enterprises and startups from a broad spectrum of industries will participate.

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (Chairman: Akio Toyoda) is pleased to announce the details of main events and programs planned for Japan Mobility Show 2023, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight, in the Ariake district of Koto-ku, Tokyo, from October 26 (Thursday) through November 5 (Sunday), 2023.

The inaugural edition of Japan Mobility Show will feature the participation not only of the automotive industry but also of established companies and startups from multiple other industries whose activities extend beyond mobility. A total of 475 enterprises will be participating, far exceeding the 192 companies that took part in the final edition of the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019. Japan Mobility Show aims to serve as a unique venue for collaboration—a show where exhibitors and visitors can discuss and envision, together, what the future will look like.

Headline events at Japan Mobility Show 2023 are as follows.

Tokyo Future Tour

At the time of this press release, 177 companies have signed on to participate in Tokyo Future Tour, a cross-industry effort to show how different types of new mobility will help create an exciting future. The promotional video below provides an overview of the many interactive programs available in Tokyo Future Tour.

Promotional Video

In addition to an Immersive Theater, Tokyo Future Tour will comprise four interactive areas featuring four distinct themes (LIFE/EMERGENCY/ PLAY/FOOD) that will dramatically showcase how new mobility will impact life in the future. For example, the EMERGENCY & MOBILITY area (also featuring a special collaboration with Godzilla -1.0, to be released in Japan on November 3, 2023) will demonstrate how new mobility will provide critical assistance in emergency situations including natural disasters. The aim is to convey a vision of unity and safety in times of crisis.

Startup Future Factory—Creating the future of mobility

This event will serve as a springboard for startups and top-tier companies to come together to create the future of mobility and will feature a Pitch Contest & Awards program as well as a Business Matching Events program.
The Pitch Contest & Awards program will be held on November 4 (Saturday) and at the time of this press release, 116 startups have signed on to pitch their business visions. Fifteen startups whose activities span a wide range of technologies (e.g., efficiency-enhancing remotely controlled robots and mobility powered by wireless power transfer) will be awarded funding following a strict review process conducted by 9 final judges including 7 startup-savvy experts. Announcer Rio Hirai will MC the event.

A Business Matching Events program will be held five times during Japan Mobility Show 2023. Covering topics including disaster prevention, declining birthrates and aging populations, regional revitalization, environmental sustainability and carbon off-setting, and personal wellness and well-being, this program’s purpose is to act as a catalyst to accelerate development in the mobility industry by bringing together established mobility companies and startups to forge new partnerships and create new business ideas.

Business Matching Events Program Details

Dates Oct. 27 (Fri), Oct. 30 (Mon), Oct. 31 (Tue), Nov. 1 (Wed), Nov. 2 (Thu), 2023
Call for entries September 25 (Mon) to October 8 (Sun), 2023
“Reverse pitchers” Toyota Boshoku, Toyoda Gosei, Fukuju Industry, Niterra, NOK (established enterprises)
Entries https://newspicks.com/news/8783167/body/?ref=user_3111

Note: Topics and dates are subject to change without notice.

Startup Street

Over 100 startups involved in the creation of future mobility will exhibit promotional booths to share their latest products, technologies, and services. Products on display will range from various types of drones, including aerial drones and aquatic drones, to hot air balloons that can travel to space.

Japan Future Session—A series of talks on the future in Japan

The Japan Future Session event will be a series of daily presentations and discussions focusing on the future of mobility and covering a wide range of subjects, from sustainability to AI to more easily accessible topics such as motorsports and toys. Visitors of all ages and from all backgrounds can join in to share the excitement of what the future holds for mobility.

Carbon neutrality x the future of mobility

Examining the issue of carbon neutrality and the environment taking into account the entire mobility lifecycle, including manufacturing

Date and time Oct. 27 (Fri), 14:00-15:00
Speakers Keigo Kitahara (COO/CMO, ExRoad Co., Ltd.)
Kazuhide Sekiyama (Director and Representative Executive Officer, Spiber Inc.)

Outdoor activities x the future of mobility

Getting started with outdoor activities using mobility, fun for people of all ages

Date and time Oct. 27 (Fri), 16:00-17:00
Speakers Mizuki Nishimura, Viking (comedian)
Akifumi Fujii (Representative Director, “Camper specialty store“ Toy-Factory Co., Ltd.)
Mitsuru Takeshita (General producer, Outdoor fashion magazine “GO OUT”)

Science fiction x the future of mobility

How might humans cope with natural disasters in the future? Plus: A look at future mobility born from science fiction, in celebration of the release of Godzilla -1.0.

Date and time Oct. 28 (Sat), 10:30-11:30
Speakers Takashi Yamazaki (Film director)
Tomonari Cotani (Chief, WIRED Sci-Fi Prototyping Lab)

The environment x the future of mobility

Examining the various approaches the mobility industry can pursue for a more sustainable society

Date and time Oct. 28 (Sat), 13:00-14:00
Speakers Shunsuke Onishi (Corporate Executive Officer/SEVP/CRO, Fujitsu Limited)
Yukari Takamura (Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo)

Automotive journalists x the future of mobility

Automotive journalists will discuss the highlights of JMS 2023 and the future of mobility that goes “beyond just cars.”

Date and time Oct .29 (Sun), 13:30-14:30
Speakers Manabu Kawaguchi (Motor journalist)
Yasutaka Gomi (Motor journalist)
Yuki Imai (Motor journalist)

On-stage discussions with TBS Radio’s “OVER THE SUN with Jane Su and Mika Horii”

In collaboration with a popular TBS Radio podcast, hosts will discuss a wide range of topics, from vintage cars to next-generation mobility.

Date and time Oct. 29 (Sun), 16:00-17:00
Speakers Jane Su (Producer, lyricist, columnist)
Mika Horii (Announcer)

Robotics x the future of mobility

A new type of communication between people and mobility robots

Date and time Oct. 31 (Tue), 11:00-12:00
Speakers Kaname Hayashi (CEO, GROOVE X, Inc.)
Ory Yoshifuji (Co-founder and CVO, OryLab Inc.)

The metaverse x the future of mobility

In a world where people can come and go between the metaverse and reality, what are the impacts on mobility and manufacturing?

Date and time Oct. 31 (Tue); 17:30-18:30
Speakers Naoto Kato (CEO, Cluster, Inc.)
Shyuichi Tatsunami (Pro-Minecrafter)
Toshinao Sasaki (Writer, Journalist)

Hydrogen x the future of mobility

Creating, storing, transporting and using hydrogen, an energy source of the future, and a look at its impacts on the future of mobility

Date and time Nov. 3 (Fri), 12:30-13:30
Speakers Eiji Ohira (Strategy architect, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO))
Makiko Hanai (President, Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun)

Note: The above is only a partial listing of topics to be discussed. For additional information, please access the link below.
URL : https://www.japan-mobility-show.com/organizer_program/japan_future_session/

H2 Energy Festival—Artists and comedians perform in a venue powered by environmentally-friendly hydrogen

As detailed below, live entertainment by popular artists and comedians will be offered daily in a special new venue powered by hydrogen, the energy source powering the future of mobility.
Note: Tickets for festival performances must be purchased separately from Japan Mobility Show tickets; ticket sales are online only and start at 12:00 on October 5 (Thu), 2023.

October 28 (Sat): H₂ Energy Festival LIVE Opener with LDH Artists

The opening day of the festival will feature a special opener with artists from management group LDH. Artists including THE RAMPAGE, MA55IVE THE RAMPAGE, BALLISTIK BOYZ, LIL LEAGUE, WOLF HOWL HARMONY, and KID PHENOMENON will join the stage. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see their impressive and exciting performances live.
Note: The festival’s opening show starts at 16:00 on October 28 (Sat).

November 1 (Wed): Yoshimoto Comedy Show

A live comedy show featuring popular comedians from the Yoshimoto Kogyo talent agency who will perform acts that combine comedy and mobility, allowing viewers to enjoy a comedy show while also learning about next-generation mobility.


The largest Japanese hip-hop festival, THE HOPE, which recently sold out a 30,000-seat show, will hold “THE HOPE Presents JAPANESE HIPHOP STAGE” at Japan Mobility Show 2023. A wide range of guests including leading hip-hop artist and car enthusiast AK-69 who performed at THE HOPE 2023 to great fanfare, as well as DJ CHARI with Friends/DJ RYOW and Friends who made a huge splash at that event, will join in the fun. Plus, Xin and KENYA, from hip-hop group Bleecker Chrome who gained notoriety through their m-flo-approved performance of “come again” and Carz, the champion of THE HOPE NEXT GENERATION RAPPERS, will represent the new generation of Japanese hip-hop artists. Additional artists will also be featured, with details to be announced in the run-up to the event.

H2 Energy Festival information on social media

Follow H2 Energy Festival’s social media accounts to view the latest information from the artists and comedians participating in the event.



X (formerly Twitter)


Out of KidZania in JMS 2023

In collaboration with KidZania, which specializes in entertainment popular with families, a “city where kids can work” will return following its success at Tokyo Motor Show 2019. Reservations (limited number) are available from October 5 (Thu). This event for elementary school children will feature 11 different mobility-related job roleplaying programs ranging from car modelers and mechanics to master engineers, allowing children to explore their “dream job” while having fun at the same time. Preschoolers above the age of 3 can participate in separate KidZania activities free of charge.

Out of KidZania in JMS 2023 Program Details

Dates Oct. 27 (Fri) through Nov. 5 (Sun), 2023
Venue Tokyo Big Sight South Exhibition Hall, South Halls 3 and 4 (3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
Eligibility Open to elementary school students (accompanied by parent or guardian, unless participating as part of an elementary school visit)
Tickets See “Tickets for Out of KidZania in JMS 2023” below.
No. of programs 11
Reservations First come, first served, online only.
A limited number of tickets will be available for those without reservations for same-day participation only.
Available from October 5 (Thu), 2023 from 15:00
Website https://www.japan-mobility-show.com/organizer_program/out_of_kidzania/
Supervision KCJ GROUP Inc.

Note: The duration of each program session is 30 minutes.

Job Program Description (Job Goal) Persons/Session
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.Building an engineAfter learning about the basics of safety, put together an engine and check to see if there are any problems with its operation.6
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.Researching and developing a productUsing mixed reality (MR), try out Honda Power Products (snowblower) and provide input on possible improvements to the product.6
Japan Automobile Dealers AssociationMechanic at a car dealershipExperience changing a tire and performing maintenance on a customer’s car.4
Mazda Motor CorporationSand casting professionalBecome a sand casting apprentice and train to cast an engine that embodies Mazda’s “Celebrate Driving” philosophy, by compacting sand, pouring metal, and putting on the finishing touches.8
Mitsubishi Motors CorporationCar modelerCreate a realistic, three-dimensional car design using modeling clay.6
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.“Takumi” engineer developing a supercarAs a top-class “Takumi” engineer candidate, take part in challenges that require the fine motor skills of a top engineer.8
Subaru CorporationRace car mechanicBecome a race car mechanic and change tires and check lights, carefully and quickly to ensure safety, learning the importance of a mechanic’s role in determining the outcome of a race. 6
Sustainable Event Alliance Event booth designerDesign an event booth that optimizes car display. Create a mock-up booth with sustainable materials and learn how to design event booths to be more environmentally friendly.4
Suzuki Motor CorporationNext-generation mobility producerUse a tablet to produce a new type of mobility. Explain, through a presentation to other session participants, how that new form of mobility might help its user in daily life.6
Toyota Motor CorporationFuel-cell vehicle engineerLearn how zero-emission fuel-cell cars work and fill up a fuel-cell model with hydrogen as a research excercise.24
Toyota Motor Corporation“Takumi” engineer developing a prototype vehicle Learn from a “Takumi” master and use a hammer to build parts for a prototype vehicle.8

Food Court—A record total of over 45 food purveyors across four different show areas

Produced by top food influencer Fall in Debu Hassy (Yo Hashimoto), the food court, including Gourmet Kingdom and the Japan Meat Show, will feature a large selection of purveyors of fine food, be they actual restaurants, stalls, or food trucks, at Japan Mobility Show 2023. Over four show areas, visitors will have the opportunity to taste delicious food from across Japan.

Recommendations from Gourmet Kingdom Producer Fall in Debu Hassy

Japan Meat Show / West Exhibition Hall Rooftop Exhibition Area

The Japan Meat Show, so named in tribute to the inaugural edition of Japan Mobility Show (also “JMS”), will offer specialty meat dishes from across Japan. Popular restaurants such as Nikuyama, which has a 6-month wait for reservations; Shogun Burger, the winner of the Japan Burger Championship 2022; and Wangfujing from Yokohama’s Chinatown, which serves delicious steamed xiaolongbao, will be offering their delicacies on the rooftop of the West Exhibition Hall.

Local Gourmet / East Exhibition Hall

The “Local Gourmet” area will feature regional specialties from across Japan that normally are available only after making the trip to their places of origin. In addition to typical delicacies such as beef tongue from the Sendai area, Local Gourmet will feature some of the latest draws in Japanese gourmet fare, such as skirt-steak beef bowl with Kyoto’s famous black shichimi spice blend.

World Gourmet / East Exhibition Hall

After seeing cars from around the world, here is an opportunity to enjoy food from around the world. The food trucks at World Gourmet will be providing visitors with a multi-cultural gastronomic experience. Take the time to explore, and savor as you can, the many dishes that will be on offer, including jollof, the delicious rice dish from West Africa.

Family Gourmet / South Exhibition Hall

With spaces for families to relax in, the Family Gourmet area will be offering balloons for children and typical Japanese festival food fare. A special draw will be the chance to taste-test curries from the cafeterias of various auto manufacturers.

Motorsports Area

Car and motorcycle fans will enjoy exploring the new motorsports area whose indoor section will feature race car displays, the finals for a national e-motorsports competition, and on-stage talk shows. Outside, activities will include demo runs by professional drivers showing off their driving skills as well as tire-changing demonstrations. Vehicles and motorcycles that will be on display at this venue are listed below.

Category Manufacturer Vehicle
Super Taikyu Toyota ORC ROOKIE GR Corolla H2 concept
MAZDA2 Bio concept
Super Taikyu Subaru BRZ (2023)
(participating in SUPER GT 2024)
Formula 1 Honda ORACLE Red Bull Racing RB19
INDY Honda IndyCar 2020 Indy 500
Takuma Sato’s champion vehicle (Dallara IR-12)
Formula E Nissan Gen2
WRC Toyota GR YARIS Rally1 HYBRID (TR02)
WRC Hyundai Hyundai i20 N Rally 1
WEC Toyota GR H2 Racing Concept
AXCR2022 Mitsubishi Team Mitsubishi RALLIART Triton
Dakar HySE Research Group HySE-X1 hydrogen-powered buggy
Dakar Rally participant (2024)
Super Formula TBD @ final round To be displayed after conclusion of final round
Category Manufacturer Motorcycle
FIM Superbike World Championship Kawasaki Kawasaki Racing Team
2019 Ninja ZX-10R
FIM Endurance World Championship (Suzuka 8 Hours) Kawasaki Kawasaki Racing Team Suzuka 8H
2019 Ninja ZX-10R
AMA Supercross Championship Kawasaki Monster Energy Kawasaki
2020 KX450
MotoGP™ World Championship Yamaha YZR-M1
All Japan Road Race Championship Yamaha YZF-R1
All Japan Trial Championship Yamaha Electric Trial Bike
FIM Endurance World Championship
(Suzuka 8 Hours)
Suzuki Yoshimura SERT Motul
MotoGP World Championship Honda Repsol Honda Team RC213V
AMA Motocross Championship / SuperMotocross Honda TEAM Honda HRC CRF450R
FIM Endurance World Championship
(Suzuka 8 Hours)
Honda TEAM HRC with Japan Post

Other Organizer Events

Japan Mobility Show 2023 will introduce a camping car exhibit, organized in collaboration with the Japan Recreational Vehicle Association, which is expected to be a big crowd-pleaser. Visitors will also be able to explore a “kei” (mini) truck market, an exhibit of special-purpose vehicles and displays of supercars, all to be held daily outdoors. In addition, as at the Tokyo Motor Show, tours of Japan Mobility Show 2023 guided by members of the Automobile Journalists Association of Japan will be available (see the information on “AJAJ Guided Tours” below).

Japan Mobility Show 2023 Admission Tickets and Ticket Purchasing

Tickets for admission to Japan Mobility Show 2023 went on sale on August 30, 2023. Tickets sales are online only; tickets will not be available for sale at the show venue. Please access the official Japan Mobility Show website at the link below for more information on tickets and ticket purchasing.
URL: https://www.japan-mobility-show.com/en/ticket/

Ticket Holder/Ticket Type & Price (incl. tax) Same-Day Admission Advance-Purchase1 After-4PM Admission2 Early-Entry Admission3 Preview Day Admission4
Adult ¥3,000 ¥2,700 ¥1,500 ¥3,500
(Availability limited to 5,000 tickets per day)
(Availability limited to 20,000 tickets)
Junior-high or high school student5 Free of charge
Elementary school student or younger Free of charge
(Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

Please note that separate tickets must be purchased for participation in the Out of KidZania in JMS 2023, AJAJ Guided Tours and H₂ Energy Festival programs.

For more information on tickets and ticket purchasing, please access the link below.
Link: https://www.japan-mobility-show.com/ticket/index.html

Tickets for Out of KidZania in JMS 2023

Tickets are available for purchase from 15:00 on October 5 (Thursday), 2023, through the official Japan Mobility Show website (see link above). Information on ticket prices and program participation is as follows.

Tickets for the AJAJ Guided Tours of Japan Mobility Show 2023

Members of the Automobile Journalists Association of Japan (AJAJ) will guide visitors on “expert’s” tours of Japan Mobility Show 2023, offering their professional perspectives. Tickets are available for purchase from October 5 (Thursday), 2023, through the official Japan Mobility Show website (see link above). Information on guided tours and ticket price is as follows.

Tickets for the H₂ Energy Festival (October 29 through November 5, 2023)

Information on ticket prices is as follows.

Japan Mobility Show Official App and Officially Authorized Life-Logging App

The Japan Mobility Show’s official app allowing visitors to find their favorite mobility, MY FAVORITE MOBILITY GUIDE, and the officially authorized life-logging app, PAZR, will further enhance visitors’ Japan Mobility Show 2023 experience.
The MY FAVORITE MOBILITY GUIDE app brings the show’s slogan—“Discover a future you can’t wait to navigate”—into the here-and-now real world as it searches, guides, and introduces its users to the mobility, products, and services on exhibit at the show. PAZR is a life-logging app developed and distributed by NUNW Co., Ltd. Users can earn “pieces” after taking part in activities in designated show areas, which they can then use as coupons on visits to the food court.
The MY FAVORITE MOBILITY GUIDE and PAZR apps will be available from October 16 (Mon) and October 13 (Fri), 2023, respectively.

Event Overview

Organizer Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
Co-Organizers Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA)
Japan Auto-Body Industries Association Inc. (JABIA)
Japan Automotive Machinery and Tool Manufacturers Association (JAMTA)
Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA)
Japan Automobile Importers Association (JAIA)
Patron Her Imperial Highness Princess Yohko of Mikasa
Chairman Akio Toyoda, Chairman, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.
Dates &
Hours Open
Dates October 26 (Thu) through November 5 (Sun), 2023
Press Days Oct. 25 (Wed) 8:00-18:00
Oct. 26 (Thu) 8:00-13:00
Official Day1 Oct. 26 (Thu) 13:30-18:00
Special Invitation Day / Special Invitation Day for Persons with Disabilities2 Oct. 27 (Fri) 9:00-18:00
Preview Day3 Oct. 27 (Fri) 12:30-18:00
General Public Days (Mon-Sat, Holiday) Oct. 28 (Sat), Oct. 30 (Mon)-Nov. 4 (Sat) 9:004-19:00
General Public Days (Sun) Oct. 29 (Sun), Nov. 5 (Sun) 
Ticket Types &
Special Invitation Day for Persons with Disabilities: Free of charge but pre-registration required.
Preview Day: ¥4,000 (limited to 20,000 tickets, free of charge for elementary school-age and younger children accompanied by parent or guardian)
General Public Days:
Same-day admission: ¥3,000
Advance-purchase/Groups of 20 or more: ¥2,700
Early-entry admission: ¥3,500 (limited to 5,000 tickets/day, free of charge for elementary school-age and younger children accompanied by parent or guardian)
After-4PM admission: ¥1,500 (on general public days only, except Sundays)
For high school-age and younger students, admission to Japan Mobility Show 2023 is free of charge (except for junior-high or high school students purchasing early-entry or preview day admission tickets).
Admission to Japan Mobility Show 2023 is free of charge for visitors presenting disability certificates and for their escort (up to two escorts for visitors in wheelchairs).
Main Venue Tokyo Big Sight
Supporting Organizations Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Ministry of the Environment; Tokyo Metropolitan Government; Japan Business Federation; Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO); Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA)
Official Website https://www.japan-mobility-show.com/en/


List of Participants (current as of October 4, 2023)
Press Briefing Schedule