今年のJapan Mobility Show 今年のJapan Mobility Show

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Last year the 70 year-old Tokyo Motor Show was reborn as the Japan Mobility Show,
conceived to promote collaboration across industries through new partnerships working to create the mobility of the future.
To further this vision, this year’s show—held in collaboration and concurrently with CEATEC 2024,
Japan’s largest digital exhibition of its IT and electronic industries—will be business-centric,
featuring events where startups and established companies join forces to forge new business opportunities,
with the ultimate goal of creating a buoyant mobility-based future.

Japan Mobility Show 2024

Event overview

October 15 ~ October 18, 2024 (Friday) 10:00 ~ 17:00
Makuhari Messe (International Exhibition Hall)
Free of charge (online reservations required for all attendees)
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.(JAMA)
Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA)

Co-hosted events:


Implementation program

Booth exhibition

Booths will feature, on one hand,
startups working to address various challenges in the mobility industry and,
on the other hand, established companies looking to innovate by collaborating with startups.
Active communication expands opportunities for business co-creation,
such as finding solutions to social issues and hints for the future.



Exhibiting products, technologies and
services that contribute to solving issues
in the mobility industry

Exhibition theme
Established companies


Seeking to co-create new business
with startups to resolve mobility
industry expansion-related issues
the companies are facing

Exhibiting industry

Please check the exhibitor
requirements below before applying.

Business Matching

The four days program will engage about 140 start-ups and established companies each.
We will arrange a site where start-ups and business corporations
can communicate not only at the venue but also online.
Both start-ups and established companies should understand each other's needs, business issues, etc.
in advance via the business matching site.
And finally business negotiations will be possible through the business matching program
on the day of the event.


Communication tools

Visualize seeds and needs to
improve matching accuracy

Continuous support before and after

Real-world activities

Business-matching events

Start-ups Start-ups

Total 140companies

Business corporations Business corporations

Total 140companies

Business negotiation support

Creating a place for interaction

Business negotiation support by JAFCO Business negotiation support by JAFCO

Business co-creation based on the mobility industry is
about to take off!

Business matching application form

Business matching applications are scheduled to start in early August.

A forum for discussion towards the advancement
of a sustainable mobility-based society

The Future Mobility Forum will take place in designated venues and
feature a keynote program on visions and the challenges involved in the advancement
of a sustainable mobility-based society,
as well as discussion sessions in which specific topics and
issues will be examined by experts in their field.

New mobility visions
societal issues
Challenges for
the mobility industry

Forum activities

Keynote Program
Discussions on Special Topics